New Opportunities Present Themselves

A day never goes by that we don’t learn something new, today is no exception for me, as I have learned of a new exciting opportunity that has presented itself to me. One learns, while working for one’s self, that networking is the most critical part of finding new work and most of us who contract or work as consultants are always looking for new networking avenues. I recently learned of a new, well at least new to me marketplace that could very well bring great things my way. I recently stumbled upon a top notch marketplace which is only accepting the top 3% of developers, and I like anyone wanted to be a part of the elite at the toptal PHP engineering community .

The process of joining the toptal PHP engineering community however is not like joining many of the other freelance / contracting marketplaces out there today, the process is actually quite intense. Along with being intense, the process to get in seems to be quite thought out, amid at only letting the elite in. I have great ambitions with little doubt that it won’t be long before I am accepted into the elite 3% and working my way to an even greater future.

I am currently finishing up the final portion of my initial application, and hopefully the wait to get started networking with the clientele won’t take too long. I am looking forward to the prospect of working with some of the best in my industry soon and well you should jump over there is you think you have what it takes! Happy Hacking and look forward to seeing all of you out there soon!